International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in international and domestic tourism business, which was established in 1999. Its business scope covers outbound tourism of Chinese citizens, domestic tourism and inbound tourism of foreigners to China. The registered capital of the company is 1.5 million yuan. According to the provisions of the tourism law, the company has paid the tourism quality deposit in full and purchased the high-value travel agency liability insurance.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to transparent consumption and quality first, pursued unique tourism experience, and emphasized responsibility and safety.

We are committed to transparent consumption and being honest with the old and the young. For any tourist, we will clearly explain every consumption item in the itinerary, including the included items and self paid items, and clearly mark them in the contract one by one. In the process of tourism, we will strictly implement the contract, so that the tourists can understand the choice, consume at ease, and travel easily. We have perfectly eliminated some peers from tempting tourists to hook up at ultra-low prices, and then use the self paid items Illegal behavior of forcing out customers' money by abnormal means such as high kickback.

To ensure quality and safety, we do not hesitate to cost. For transportation and sightseeing vehicles, we only choose to cooperate with tourism automobile companies with strong strength, complete procedures, standardized service and good reputation. No matter how new the car condition and how low the price are, those social vehicles with incomplete formalities and no guarantee of safety are never the obvious choice. In terms of hotels, we only choose Hotels with star hanging, superior location and considerate service according to the industry requirements, and we never use the fuzzy standard of "accurate" to fool the guests. In terms of dining, we choose only the best quality and taste of food and safety Special restaurants with good hygiene and conditions are ordered and settled by the company in a unified way, which avoids the possibility of some unprofessional guides' withholding of food labels. Shopping is one of the basic elements of tourism. Many tourists hope to buy some souvenirs with local characteristics on the way of happy travel, take them home to send people or leave them for good memories. In order to meet the customers' shopping wishes, we carefully select the specialty stores or stores that are good in quality and low in price, and the local people love to go to. We will never arrange the customers to go to the shopping spots that kill the tourists but give the travel agency high kickbacks. Tour guide service is the key part of travel agency service and the main part of "face to face" of travel agency. Most of the reputation of travel agency service comes from or aims at tour guide. Tourists' dissatisfaction with tour guides is mainly concentrated in the aspects of unskilled business, bad attitude, deduction of standards, forced shopping, forced addition of points, etc. Some tour guides dare to do that because they are freelancers and temporary workers, and travel agencies have no actual control over tour guides. In view of these problems, our countermeasures are: to choose featured products only by our own tour guides with formal labor contracts.

In order to ensure the quality, we have never and will not provide business connections to anyone or any department in the past, and so far, Mingxuan CITS has not set up any branch outside Jinan.

We not only have a wide range of public tourism routes, but also are committed to the development of Mingxuan unique products to provide tourists with unique quality experience. For example, in cooperation with foreign partners, we have launched a unique product "traveling around the world with foreigners". The tourism destination covers five continents, with a wide variety of products, foreign professional leaders and groups, full English explanations, new perspectives and unique experiences, which provide Chinese tourists with precious opportunities to make foreign friends, understand the outside world and practice oral English, Let Chinese tourists and foreigners get along day and night, zero distance communication, from the details of the perception and experience of the similarities and differences between Chinese and Western cultures.

We firmly believe that whether you want to experience the prosperity of the developed world or enjoy the leisure of the reclusive countryside, Mingxuan international travel service is always your best choice!

Clear choice, clear choice!